Melth Method for Hand and Foot 
Erase pain and tension in your feet, hands, low back abd neck brought on by everyday stress, overuse and age. This simple self-treatment can help your whole body feel better and provide relief from arthritis, bunions, plantar fascitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Reconnect, rebalance, rehydrate, release!

Melt and Stretch
This program offers all the benefits of the Melt Method for Hand and Foot combined with stretches and relaxation.

Kinneret Yoga
• Train to be a Yoga teacher or deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga
• Kinneret Yoga has trained over 100 woman to date
• Training programs are also offered in New York , Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
• The ‘Lifestyle, Philosophy, and Ethics for Teachers’ component of this Yoga Alliance certified course does not teach
Hindu and eastern spiritual content. Instead, elements of mindfulness are sourced in Judaism. 

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